#TESOL Administrator Knowledge Base

Every once in awhile, a recurrent theme emerges from the discussions happening in the various spheres of my professional life. In the past week, the issue of transitioning from teacher to administrator/leader has surfaced both in casual conversation among peers and in the online TESOL community. The local conversation focused on fostering and building on […]

Hysteresis In Action

With industry disruption comes inevitable change. For our program, this has led to a transition and reorganization. Regardless of context, the effects of organizational downsizing force the redistribution of workload. The upside of this situation is cross-training and the opportunity to learn new skills, making employees more marketable in the long run. A few of […]

Leadership and Downsizing

The IEP industry is experiencing a major disruption. We were visited the other day by Professor Tom Clayton, the outgoing IEP Director at the University of Kentucky. Our day-long sharing session highlighted the fact that language program administrators are facing unprecedented change, increasingly called upon to transition organizations and people alike. Our program is about […]

IEP Student Grade Report Spreadsheet

I love me a good spreadsheet! Excel and I spend many an hour together. We recently lost access to our enterprise system for (1) teacher reporting of student grades, and (2) getting student grades into the hands of students via notification letters. The previous system was cumbersome at best and fraught with the potential for […]