Online Marketing Strategies for Intensive English Programs: #Whatimworkingon

Inspired by several follow-up requests for information from my TESOL poster presentation on developing a marketing strategy, I am working on a straight-forward book that lays out the how-tos to online marketing for intensive language programs. This idea has been kicking around for several months, but time always seems to be the elusive factor. Now that I’m well into the draft mode,  the running chapters include:

  • Who Are Your Students?
  • Understanding Analytics
  • Translate Strategically
  • Paying Marketing Companies
  • Creating a Swipe File
  • The Ghost Student
  • Dealing with Melt
  • Email Addresses
  • Using Email Software and Autoresponders
  • Tracking ROI
  • Designing Advertising Campaigns
  • Give them Freebies
  • Marketing Products for All Students

In terms of design, the book will be intentionally brief, packed with actionable ideas that can be applied immediately – especially given the market need. There are opportunities for faculty input and assistance, which will foster involvement and inclusive ownership over student recruitment, a powerful ingredient for team morale during downturns.  Stay tuned! I hope to have this out soon!

As always, if I am happy to speak with anyone on the topic of student recruitment to bounce off ideas and strategize through the Contact page!