New Article: The Dos, Don’ts, and Maybes of Collapsing IEP Levels

This month, our new article appears in the HEIS TESOL newsletter. The publication is the culmination of several conversations during the Fall 2016 semester with my co-author Allegra Troiano, a UCIEP colleague and long-time ESL IEP professional. In it, we explore several practical implications for adapting levels to enrollments.


Sudden student population shifts in the IEP industry have left many language programs grappling with one question: How to adapt? This article explores the strategies used to collapse levels at two university-housed IEPs, along with considerations, future plans, and preliminary results.

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My sincere gratitude to Allegra for finding the time to collaborate on this project during such demanding times! As the changes in our field continue to unfold, I would be happy to discuss this topic with colleagues facing similar challenges. Please contact me.