New Article: How to Have a Plan B – Job Market Analysis for Career Transition

Over the past few months, I have been focusing a considerable amount of time and energy on career transition for employees. This is due in large part to a significant downsizing within my organization – a gut wrenching situation which is, unfortunately, not unique within the IEP industry at the moment.

One of the offshoots is How to Have a Plan B – Job Market Analysis for Career Transition, a summary reflection stemming from dozens of conversations with IEP directors around the country as well as one-on-one conversations with employees. I think one of the biggest lessons learned from the past year is to pay attention to market signs – regardless of where you are in the corporate food chain – and to be proactive in response to those signs. To that end, the article covers:

  1. Identifying current industry trends
  2. Identifying future industry trends
  3. Locating areas of geographic growth
  4. Assessing your mobility and skills

The summary takeaway: Know thy industry. Analyzing current and future trends along with employment opportunities can help you transition to Plan B, not if, but when it happens.