IEP Student Grade Report Spreadsheet

excel_student_gradesI love me a good spreadsheet! Excel and I spend many an hour together.

We recently lost access to our enterprise system for (1) teacher reporting of student grades, and (2) getting student grades into the hands of students via notification letters. The previous system was cumbersome at best and fraught with the potential for user error at worst.

…and don’t get me started about the educational software industry. Heavy emphasis on industry…

As with many educational programs, our faculty and staff have a range of technical skills. This means that we needed to develop a grade tracking system that was simple for all of our end users.

Enter Excel. 

While Excel perhaps does not seem like the obvious solution, once programmed it’s probably the simplest for multiple users with mixed levels of software skills.

The student grade spreadsheet is designed to:

  1. Allow for quick addition of up to 25 students in a class
  2. Put in up to 6 classes with 6 teachers
  3. Track student hours in a class
  4. Adaptable for up to 14 different levels
  5. Adaptable for however many sections in a level
  6. Adaptable for midterm/final grades
  7. Auto calculate GPA based on a 4.0 scale
  8. Auto populate grade report letters for distribution
  9. Auto populate a separate worksheet for mail merge if needed
  10. Be cheap and easy to use

It goes without saying that while this spreadsheet was designed for an IEP, it could be modified for any educational program where students take multiple classes with different teachers.

You can download a copy of the spreadsheet here.

Nota Bene: Recommend locking worksheet formulas if multiple users are going to access the workbook.