#NAFSA16 Integrating Teaching Assistants: A 5-Part Model for University IEPs

NAFSA 2016 is around the corner in Denver, CO. Join me at the IEP poster fair on June 1, when I’ll be sharing the administrative side of integrating Graduate Teaching Assistants into an accredited Intensive English Program.

The Intensive English Institute began 50 years ago as a teaching laboratory for MATESL students. While the program has evolved since, teacher-training remains a core part of our mission. A recent challenge came when we applied for CEA accreditation, where the accrediting body stipulates that all IEP teachers should have a minimum knowledge base and practicum experience. Balancing this need with our teacher-training mission presented a chicken-and-egg paradox. The resulting solution, however, has been rewarding on many different levels for the program. Here’s a snapshot of the poster: