New Article: Developing technology needs assessments for educational programs: An analysis of eight key indicators

TechnologyLate last year, our program was working on developing a strategic technology plan. One of the first steps in said plan was a baseline assessment of the faculty’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The resultant article discusses the process involved in designing a technology needs assessment, along with a sample survey which can be adapted to any educational context.

ABSTRACT: As access to information and communication technology grows, educators have increasing opportunities to experiment with and to adapt both hardware and software to their current practice. Technology’s integration, however, can vary widely between teachers within the same program for numerous reasons. Understanding the challenges practitioners face with technology integration is a critical first step to successful adoption and sustained use. This paper looked at eight indicators commonly found in technology needs assessment survey tools. Indicators included: self-assessed skill level, technology use and integration, teacher beliefs, barriers to access, professional development resources, leadership, needs and wants, and demographics. These core indicators were used to create a technology needs assessment survey for pre- and in-service language teachers within a US higher education setting, but the indicators are both relevant and applicable to a wide range of educational programs and teacher backgrounds. Recommendations are made for adapting the indicators and the specific survey items depending on context.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This survey development project was the result of collaborative input from Kristin Bouton, Shelley Siuts, and James Witte. I am extremely grateful to each of these individuals for their expertise and feedback!