#TESOL2016 Presentation: TAs, IEPs, and Accreditation

Lego_Presentation_BWI’m headed to #TESOL2016 this coming week and will be presenting with Val Abbott on a hybrid project using a WordPress blog platform to promote reflective practice among first semester pre-service MATESL teachers in an IEP.


In response to CEA accreditation requirements, the onboarding process for teaching assistants at an intensive English program was redesigned to be delivered in a hybrid format housed on a WordPress blog, which offers the flexibility to meet a range of administrative and teacher support needs. The presentation gives an overview of this semester-long project in an outline format along with a topical framework for the semester. Attendees will see samples from the reflective collaborative journal and highlights from face-to-face meetings. From new teachers to new teacher hires, this model can be adapted to settings that require ongoing teacher support.

This project demonstrates a hybrid model to onboarding teaching assistants at an intensive English program. The model uses a collaborative WordPress blog platform as its foundation to support new teachers and track training evidence for accreditation compliance. Discussion will include lessons learned and adapting the model to different contexts.

You can find us on April 7 @ 8:30AM, PC9-10