New Article: Navigating Curricular Change in a Postmethod Program

Leading change – and even just being a part of the change process – can be both exhilarating and challenging. Navigating curricular change in a postmethod program: Negotiating roles and expectations explores the sense-making process involved for a major curricular revision within and IEP that was prompted by an external accreditation review. In working as a collective to articulate the various pieces of the curricular puzzle, what quickly became clear is that existing practices often overlap – often in unexpected ways – leading to a ripple effect of change – much like a pebble dropped in a pond. Below are key considerations for those leading (or involved in) curricular revision:

  • What standardized procedures are experienced faculty members responsible for overseeing? Will changing standardized procedures change those responsibilities?
  • What role do experienced faculty currently play in ensuring curricular objectives are met? How will curricular changes affect this role?
  • What are the current expectations for teachers with different levels of in-service experience in carrying out the curriculum? How might changing the program change those expectations? What support will they need?
  • What is the program’s current practice with in-service faculty mentorship? How will changing the program change the mentorship process and/or expectations?

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